First Show

Didn't think our first year of owning Swiss Valais Blacknose Sheep would result in us being invited to go to The Hanbury Countryside Show. Luckily for my nerves there were no animal exhibits but stalls where you could come and see all the livestock. This suited us perfectly so we could learn without the stress.

We had to learn (quickly) how to show our sheep. This involved mainly the shampooing stage ( I feel I need to describe this all in a blog of it's own!) Ensure the Valais would go into the trailer. And to make them them comfortable with all the crowds. One thing about Valais Blacknose Sheep is that they absolutely love the fuss. They each enjoyed all our preening of them and would happily stand or sit until the job was done. They were also awesome around the crowds especially when they were given a really good scratch. My youngest son who is usually reserved around strangers was quick to vault the fencing and show people how he wanted you to stroke his sheep. He was also great at giving out our Valais stickers. Second son was an encyclopaedia of knowledge and oldest worked behind the scenes supporting. Couldn't be more proud.

Would I do it again?

It was a busy day meeting enthusiastic people who so enjoyed our sheep. The perfectionist side slotted with sleepless nights might prevent me but time will tell. But it was a positive day with lot's of smiling faces especially from my family

 and was a lovely experience.

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