Welcome to Philippus Farm, where we're passionate about farming and producing high quality, sustainable food in Worcestershire. Our farm was founded in 2020 by JJ, Karen and their three boys, who were inspired by the events of the pandemic to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

At Philippus Farm, we specialize in breeding full blood Wagyu and Dexter cattle. We believe that good food starts with happy, healthy animals. Our cattle are grass fed and slow-grazed amongst ancient woodland and spring in a stress free environment where our animals are treated with respect and care.

In addition to our cattle, we also have a passion for Valais Blacknose sheep where we are constantly improving our bloodlines and increasing our foundation flock to produce the friendliest and cutest sheep you'll ever meet.

We're excited to share our farm with you and invite you to join us on this journey.

Autumn lambing

We had a very late lambing here (Valais Blacknose sheep can lamb all year round) with  two perfect lambs (sire: Highland Icarus from Raymond Irvine & Jenni McCallister' show stopping flock.) Introducing our new ram has really shown the quality that comes through to the lambs and highlights the importance of having great genetics. Wool, markings and long woolly legs already evident. Luckily for us, we will be adding them into our flock to live here at the farm. Missing lambing already, we look forward to 2024 lambing.

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The Hanbury Countryside Show

Here at Philippus Farm we are really looking forward to be attending The Hanbury Countryside Show on the 1st July. A one day event, showcasing the very best of farming with shows and entertainment. We are sponsoring the very first Valais Blacknose show and would like anyone thinking of showing to be brave, turn up and meet other owners. It's a fun day with (hopefully) sunny but not too sunny aday. We have been asked to bring along Taro our full blood Wagyu bull and it would be lovely to meet all of you. Hope to see you there!

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First homebred full blood Wagyu calf

Here she is! Kiko is our first full blood Wagyu to be born on the farm. She is an absolute beauty. one minute she wasn't in the field and the next she was. 5 days early and caught us slightly off guard. If it wasn't for Mum separating herself away from the herd we wouldn't have been able to tell. Like nothing has happened to her and completely well. 

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Wild garlic & narcissi days..

With the sun finally appearing, wild garlic and narcissi has exploded on the farm. Running the length of the field, carpeting the ground in a sea of purple and green amongst still leafless trees. The hope of sunny, hazy summer days to come. Looking forward to summer sunsets, dahlia season, newborn calves and braais.

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TB test results clear for another six months. The farmer a few miles away from us had a different outcome to us this morning. We are acutely aware of the importance of TB testing and how it can effect people’s livelihoods. We have active sets on all the farms we manage and can only hope, they and our herd keep equal distance between each other. All the while, the animals are finally enjoying some sunshine without a care in the world.

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New year New lambs

My favourite time of the year is when we have lambs. Lambs arrive  spring and autumn depending on which ewe comes in season . Our next lambs will be in the autumn. Here is our newest addition at just one day old. Look at that smile. Still small enough for me to pick up but it won't last long.

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Once in a lifetime trip to Australia and Japan

As a farmer, I spend most of my days on our farm, tending to my sheep and cows, and enjoying the (mostly) peacefulness of the countryside. But, as much as I love our farm, I also love to travel and explore new places. Over the New Year I left the farm for three weeks to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia and Japan.

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BBC Countryfile

Lot's of excitement on the farm this week as BBC Countryfile came to meet us and find out what our plans are for our future. With only starting farming in lockdown two years ago, its wonderful that a program such as Countryfile has us on their radar. We spoke to presenter Charlotte Smith about our Valais Blacknose sheep, our Wagyu program, met the dexters and highs and lows of farming with new life being the highest and lows such as this year's failed AI. It's all an adventure!

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The  health and well-being of our cattle is of the upmost importance. We work closely with our vet on our Dexter and Valais planning and have integrated our software to help monitor our animals.

As hobby farmers we have  time.. Time to allow our cows time to roam the fields and use the barn as much as they like. There is no time restraint for them to grow. They are grass fed and supplemented with hay during the winter months.

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