Pedigree Valais Blacknose Sheep

Did you see the lambs on Countryfile?

We were recently on Countryfile's episode 'breaking into farming'.  A wonderful experience which showcased our animals and allowed people to have a little glimpse of our farm life during very cold temperatures. You might even spot Jumanji. Thank you to presenter Charlotte and all the team for visiting us.



Our first Valais lambs have now gone to their new homes. As we are increasing our foundation flock we will have very limited availability of lambs for next year. Please contact for more info.

Our sires to be used for breeding this year:

King Kong: Overall champion '16. Maximum points

Highland Icarus

We are very excited to see our future Philippus flock.



"I also want to thank you for all the time and you have put in to teaching me practical skills, mentoring me and preparing me to have a flock of my own. We've really felt supported so far. But I know the journey hasn't ended here (you're on my speed dial) Thank you all again and see you soon"

Testimonial from Dr. Lee - Dodd of Dragon Cottage Valais 

"We bought 2 Valais from Karen. The transaction was really smooth and hassle free. Both Karen and her husband JJ were so helpful and supportive, nothing was too much trouble. It’s clear that they really care for their flock and the sheep are beautifully bred and looked after as well as being really friendly! I would highly recommend."

Andy Robinson



The Valais blacknose sheep are known as 'The Cutest Sheep in the World'

We  couldn't agree more although we think our breed of sheep is the cutest!

Discovered in the region of Valais in Switzerland in the 1500's, they were imported into the UK in 2014. Currently Switzerland does not allowed exports to the UK of the Valais sheep.


Full of character, friendly and lovable, once you meet these sheep no others will compare.

Notifiable by their curly white hair, black nose, horns and black spots. Their horns are helical or spiral and grow outward from the head in both ewes and rams. They are cuteness overload!

Our breeding flock is Type 2 AQR/ARR and Type 3 ARQ/ARQ 

Our sheep are pedigree and registered with The Valais Blacknose Sheep Society and grassroots registered.

Heptavac, footvax, clik treated and wormed when needed. We have specific health plans for our Valais sheep, working closely with the guidance of our vet. We give a detailed report that goes with our sheep to their new home.




Wr10 postcode Eckington  Worcestershire

We are concentrating on producing high breeding standards and bloodlines of our Philippus pedigree flock. Our sires are maximum points rams and graded with great lineage and we are very excited about these lambs.


Get a permanent CPH number

If you intend to keep livestock you must apply for a County Parish Holding number from the Rural Payments Agency (RPA). This must be done before moving livestock onto the land.

To get a CPH for land in England, contact the Rural Payments Agency on 03000 200 301. Find out about call charges.


We would only considering selling sheep in singles if you already own Valais sheep on your small holding/farm.

If you would like a breeding flock of your own please phone to discuss your requirement on 07736886346

If it is your first time owning these beautiful sheep we will continue to offer you aftercare support and guidance.



Wool enquiries welcome

Scrapie Genotyping. What does this mean?

Scrapie is an infectious wasting disease affecting the nervous system of adult sheep and is very difficult to control. It has been a notifiable disease in the UK since 1993 and is one of the transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) The causal agent is resistant to normal disinfection procedures and the disease has a long incubation period. There is no cure, no vaccine, the condition is fatal and animals pass on their genetic susceptibility to the next generations.


Scrapie testing enables breeders to select breeding sheep which are resistant to scrapie. Scrapie genotyping is not a test for the presence of the disease but does reveal if the animal were to be exposed to the disease, what chance it has of contracting it.



There are many different gene combinations with ARR/ARR being the most resistant genetically. These sheep are also known as Type 1.

More info on gene combinations can be found on the national scrapie scheme guide a link to the following



Member of the Valais Society

(Registered through Grassroots-Grassroots operate an agency service for 13 breeds. They use their software to manage the registries, membership services and book keeping)

What does this mean?

Being registered with the society gives us lot's of benefits. We have registered our pedigree sheep with them and can also contact other members around the country who also have Valais sheep. If you enjoy showing your sheep or are thinking about it, you will be able to join any upcoming events.

VBS is committed to promoting and raising awareness of this unique breed and strive to preserve and uphold the Swiss breed standards in conjunction with supporting and educating fellow breeders to continue producing quality stock.

We aim to provide the following services:

  • Access to the breed Flock Book for sheep registration via Grassroots:
  • Pedigree shows & sales
  • Show results & reports
  • Annual general meetings & training days
  • Dedicated breed classes at agricultural shows
  • Representation at NSA events
  • Society website & newsletter
  • Social media channels & members forum
  • News & press releases
  • Promotional materials & merchandise




Maedi Visna What does this mean?

Is a chronic infectious disease affecting the lungs and nervous system of sheep which can be transmitted between individual sheep and flocks. It can decimate your flock. There is no vaccine, no cure. It can be detected by a simple blood test.

We ensure our flock is keep 2 metres away from other sheep and when sheep come onto our land they are tested and quarantine before joining our flock.

We are proud of our high health  status animals and work closely with our vet on our animal health  planning.

MV accreditation. What does this mean? (SRUC)

The MV accreditation scheme for sheep is part of the broader Premium Sheep and Goat Health Schemes (PSGHS) run by SRUC Veterinary Services. The scheme is voluntary and benefits include monitoring and detecting the disease, as well as accreditation, which can give better access to shows, sales, exports and purchasers.

Immunising your flock (Valais Society)

It’s highly recommended that you immunise your flock to manage mortality rates. Heptavac-P Plus is an injectable immunisation which reduces mortality in sheep and is used in the control of pasteurellosis pneumonia and clostridial diseases in sheep such as lamb dysentery, pulpy kidney, struck, tetanus, braxy, blackleg and black disease. Lambs should receive their first clostridal vaccination when they are approximately 6-8 weeks of age, followed by a booster 4 weeks later. The re-vaccination scheme recommends the administration of booster injections at intervals of no more than 12 months. In adult breeding ewes these yearly booster injections should be given 4-6 weeks prior to lambing.