Hoof care

Swiss Valais Blacknose Sheep need daily maintenance checks as much as your normal sheep.Quick checks to ensure they are healthy and happy. Especially so with their hooves. From long grass to long wool can irritate the sensitive  tissue between their claw. We have found due to the wet weather this summer we have to be resilient. One of oursheep had the symptom for footrot which is highly contagious and quickly infected all but one of the flock. Antibiotics had to follow. We have now implemented monthly foot baths, trim when necessary and a yearly preventative injection. We are scrupulous with catching anything out of the ordinary at the first signs. Nobody chooses lame animals but it will happen with any flock. React quickly, don't ignore the symptoms and your sheep will be fighting fit before you know it. The Swiss Valais Sheep are worth it. As always, anyone that buys our lambs from us will also receive our expertise for as long as needed and only a call away with support and encouragement.

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