The results

Aaahhh the results. It took the vet two days to get back to me. Not a good sign I thought but wait for what she says... do not panic inner me says...'A high count' she says going into more detail in real life than here.. 'But why' novice me says?

As she runs through that they could have had it already and brought it with them, to it could be the upset of moving and settling into a new place I felt pretty cr#p for them. 2 types of wormer treatments  to be given running concurrently should sort them out and another sample in four weeks time. Fingers crossed. At least we know where we stand with them and will now have an action plan in place to keep my Valais sheep happy and healthy year on year. But I do know that if and when my sheep move on I will have a complete log book to give onto the new owners with all the information in place to help keep them on the right track of healthy.

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