Let’s talk about poop

Let's not be shy people, at some time or another you will need to go out onto your field and pick up a sample to take to the vet. Five weeks of owning my Valais sheep and thought I'd better get a move on and check the worming status. In my head I thought a general wormer would all be needed. Confident that no sheep had been on the new field and how happy and well adjusted my sheep looked (and that their poop looked 'correct') I was confident all would be well.

I take the sample in a microwave jug (no, I didn't have any spare bags). 'Do you want your mug back?' 'No' I say . 'Are you sure?' 'Err, yep'. 

Next day results vet said. Two days later until I heard back. 
Not the result I was expecting...

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