Biltong recipe

Biltong is a traditional South African food. The beef is cured in spices and vinegar and hung in a drying box until it's ready, then cut into thin slices. Can be eaten on its own as a snack or added as a topping.


2kg beef silverside

5-6 tbsp malt vinegar

2.5 tbsp rock salt

2 tbsp Ground black pepper

2 tbsp Coriander seeds

1.5 tbsp brown sugar


In a pan, toast your coriander seeds then use your mortal and pestle to grind them. We leave the shells in. Place to one side.

Slicing your meat along the grain, cut into 1 inch thick lengths

Using a container with high sides, mix all your spices. Rub well. Add vinegar.

Cover for 24 hrs in the fridge turning occasionally and continue to massage the spices in.

After 24 hrs using kitchen roll, pat the meat dry very gently.

Attach hooks to the thicker side of the silverside and hang up. We use metal hooks on a biltong dryer( the dryer contains a light to help cure the meat)

How you like your biltong will depend on your drying time. If you like wet biltong (slightly softer/wet in the middle and crunchier on the outside, check after a couple of days testing between your finger showing some give.



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