The start

How did we end up with so many animals? In all honesty it escalated. Quickly. With everything going on in 2020 we decided the animals would be a good distraction as well producing our own food (Dexter only) - from field to fork. Our first buy were Dexter cross and now we breed in pedigree dun Dexter. We allow them to grow slowly over time on grass with hay in winter with access to their barn and lots of apple trees for extra shelter.

When we first caught sight of the Valais sheep we knew we had to have them. We now have a breeding group where we hope to have our own Philippus pedigree early next year. Raised on grass, hay and their favourite food we have built them natural shelters on the field. They certainly attract a lot of attention when you walk past. We intend on showing our sheep and selling them to farms/smallholders who share our love of Valais's.

We are busy raising our three children and live in Worcestershire.



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