We love holidays. Chasing the sun around the world never gets old. An important time to force yourself to relax and unwind. We booked our holiday to South Africa before the pandemic. It had been cancelled three times but we finally made it. Not without a tiny bit of drama when BA cancelled our first flight without telling us. Frantic phone calls and running to another part of Heathrow airport we managed to catch a flight. This wasn't the pace for the holiday. Safari, bushveld, learning about SA's conservation efforts mixed with a beach holiday with helicopter and boat rides and seeing family. This time also allows us to dream, to plan, to action for the coming months. Our plans for the next few months will be the embryo transfer of our full blood  Wagyu and seeing how successful it is. We hope to only use this method once to create our full blood herd and then use Taro our full blood Wagyu bull for future breeding. A new Valais Blacknose Ram to join our herd and the births of the Valais lambs and also the Black Beauties shows in Carlisle and Worcester to look forward to. Enjoy the holidays.

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